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Waterline model shipsWelcome to Clydeside-Flotilla.

***Bill Gilpin's family are sorry to announce that Bill sadly passed away suddenly but peacefully on 2nd June 2020. 
If you would like to contact the family please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.*** 


Home of Clydeside 1/1200 waterline models and the FLOTILLA naval, air & land, wargame system.
Scotland’s River Clyde will always be associated with shipbuilding, from Henry Bell’s COMET of 1812 through the boom & bust times, and two world wars, to the decimated industry that it is today.

The adjective "Clydebuilt" implied that a vessel was built to the highest standard of it’s day, and, it is only fitting that that title should be reserved for the real ships that earned that reputation. Clydeside models are kits; they are not restricted to replicas of ships built on the Clyde, and indeed, many of the kits are assembled by collectors and model makers far from Scotland! Nevertheless, it is hoped, that in some small way, the name CLYDESIDE commemorates, and pays homage to what was once the greatest shipbuilding river in the world.

Kit_waterline_modelsAll model kits and accessories are in 1/1200 scale, (100 feet to the inch), and are cast in white metal alloy, with some accessories in photo-etched brass. With the exception of the smallest models, each kit is supplied with scale brass rod for masts, etc., and full assembly instructions. The highly detailed kits offer the model maker the opportunity to assemble, super- detail, and paint them to a high display standard, but are also robust enough for the rigours of wargaming. Apart from light craft, each model will represent a particular ship, but, as very few ships within a particular class were identical, the kit will allow the model maker to customise the model to a specific ship within that class. If, in a class, a ship is significantly different from her sisters, a separate model will be produced.

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