FLOTILLA is an innovative wargame system which combines board game organisation with the visual appeal of scale miniatures. The initial boxed set contains comprehensive rules for naval and air combat in the WWII era, but the system is designed to encompass integrated land combat and adapt to any historical period, facilitating play at strategic, tactical and skirmish level.

The system will be expanded by additional modules which are in preparation. Flotilla is for sale in our shop section.

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  • FLOTILLA Wargame System.
    The following modules are in preparation to expand the initial naval/air system. Fast-play rules for intergrated with playsheets, databooks and playing aids for WWII land warfare, integrated with the Flotilla naval & air rules.
  • FLOTILLA II: Coastal and land mapboards (temperate zone)
  • FLOTILLA III: Coastal and land mapboards (Tropical zone)
  • FLOTILLA IV: Coastal and land mapboards (Polar zone)
  • TERRAFORMA: 3-D terrain units enabling players to scale up any Flotilla mapboard for tactical or skirmish play with 15, 20, 25mm figures and models. The terrain units can be assembled, dismantled and reassembled to form any topographical feature and can, of course, be used independent of the Flotilla mapboard system.

Other Historical Periods: Rule sets, playsheets, data books and playing aids for other historical periods are planned, utilising the Flotilla mapboards and Terraforma units.

Campaign Scenarios: Campaign maps and play counters for historical and hypothetical conflicts based on the Flotilla system with optional software for computer-aided play.

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