What's New

I have now solved all the moulding problems associated with converting RP masters into alloy, as you can see from the pre-production master hulls.

Also on view are the pre-production masters for the corvette version of the BATHURST minesweepers.

Theses castings will  now be trimmed, cleaned up and polished to make the production moulds.  However, some of the smaller parts were printed with fine details which could not be cast as a kit with all the necessary handling & manipulation in construction, so, I have "beefed up"  the problem details (without loss of accuracy), and will have these parts 3-D printed with the next CAD model, HMS EXETER, 1942, which is going to the 3-D printers today.

This is a much bigger,more complicated model, (and much more expensive to 3-D print!), but, I'm hopeful that the lessons learned with the 4-stacker, will speed up progress in getting it into production.

My "repeat & revise" method of learning CAD, means that I have a whole stack of virtual models, at various stages of completion, waiting "on the (virtual) stocks".

As promised, I will keep this page updated with developments.




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